Have you ever read a blog post or a book and come across an obvious spelling error or a really awkward sentence? Did it make you think about that piece of content differently? 

That's why I'm here—to polish your content.

I make sure that nobody is going to read your piece of content and think of it differently because of the writing or grammar. 

I make sure that you're confident in your work—confident that it is free of errors and written as well as it could be.

I make sure that you are communicating your message as clearly and effectively as you possibly can.

And I do all that in partnership with you, to make sure that you're happy with your content, and to make sure your voice isn't lost in the process.

If you're producing content, how that content is written is important.

It's going to determine how people think of you and your content, and possibly even determine whether they'll become a follower or buy from you.

So why should you work with me to improve your content?

I've been writing and editing since I was little—I've been doing it all my life. Writing and editing is my passion, and I've been developing my skills for years. And, aside from loving what I do, I also have the qualifications and experience to back it up.

My field of interest is blogging, infopreneurship, and business, so if you're producing content for an audience, we're probably going to be a good fit.

So, who am I?

I'm Rosie Morley. I live in Brisbane, Australia with my boyfriend and far too many books. I graduated from the University of Queensland in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in English Literature and History), and now I'm studying my Master of Arts (Writing, Editing, and Publishing).

I created Hedera House so I could work with bloggers, infopreneurs, and small-business owners who are passionate about creating high-quality content.

Still here? Get to know me a bit better...

  • I've reread the Harry Potter series about a bazillion times. Whenever I reread the books, they still keep me up all night—I can never put them down. The fastest I ever read the whole series was two weeks (I was camping...).
  • I also love most of Tamora Pierce's books, especially the Alanna, Alianne, and Daine books—and I reread those every so often, as well.
  • I hate the heat—and Brisbane gets hot! I can't wait to move somewhere I can wear woolly socks and jumpers most of the year.
  • I'm currently 25 years old. My birthday is in July.
  • The first story I remember writing was about a dog getting stuck in quickly setting concrete. That was year two... and my powers of creativity have only grown since then.