Our mission

We want to help you make your words shine, whether that means tweaking your copy or designing them to look their best.

We know you have amazing ideas, and we want to help you to communicate them in amazing ways.


1. a genus of ivy
2. a separator used between paragraphs (❦) 
3. a website with services and resources for anyone interested in improving the quality of their writing and documents.

We knew from the beginning what Hedera’s purpose would be: helping people to improve the quality of their work. Here at Hedera, we love words, especially when they are crafted to enhance clarity and readability.

We started Hedera because a creative business was the best path for us at this point in our lives—we yearned to delight people with our skills. Hedera is about helping us to build the lives we want through helping people to improve their work and their skills.

Above all, Hedera's mission is quality. We offer information and resources for anyone interested in well-written content. We also help our clients to improve their writing—whether it be creative or professional—with innovative editing, design, publishing, and marketing services.


About Charlotte & Rosie

Rosie Morley

Rosie has been a word nerd since she wrote a story in year two about a dog getting stuck in rapidly setting cement. Her creativity and command of the written word has only improved since then.

In 2013, Rosie graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in English Literature and History) from the University of Queensland. In 2015, she commenced a Master of Arts (Writing, Editing, and Publishing), and is due to graduate in 2017.

Rosie has worked in various roles in the editing and publishing industry, including as a Resources and Publishing Coordinator at an educational consultancy and as an intern at the Brisbane Writers Festival. Now, she's looking forward to the gargantuan challenge of running Hedera and developing it into a beautiful, inspiring, helpful business.

When she's not fiddling with the CSS on this website, you can find Rosie reading or binge-watching TV shows and eating ice cream. No—scratch that—she'll be jogging by the Brisbane River, trying not to think about eating ice cream.


Charlotte McNab

If Charlotte had to vote for her Most Embarrassing Spelling or Grammar Error Moment Award, it would be that time she spelt ‘embarrassing’ wrong—ironic, but she was in high school, so whatever.

After recovering from her errors, Charlotte graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (majoring in Creative and Professional Writing) from QUT in 2014. A few months later, she met Rosie at UQ while also studying a Master of Arts (Writing, Editing, and Publishing). She will beat Rosie by graduating a year earlier.

Charlotte has had minor forays into the writing world, including as a volunteer at the Brisbane Writers Festival and as an intern at Channel Ten, where she wrote a script that might have been aired(?). She has also promised to start writing her first novel. On an unrelated note, she is also the world’s worst procrastinator (no hyperbole).

When Charlotte isn’t watching people (who constantly misspell ‘definitely’ as ‘defiantly’) argue on Facebook, she will be eating ice cream, making up for whatever Rosie wastes—she’s economically savvy like that.


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