You have amazing ideas, but you're not sure if you're communicating them as clearly and powerfully as possible.

You want your writing to be consistently error-free. 

You want to spend your time working in your business, doing what you're best at, not editing.

You need copyediting.


  1. Click the 'work with us' button below and submit an enquiry form.
  2. We'll email you back with our availability and any other questions we have within 24 hours.
  3. We'll set up a client portal for you through Basecamp.
  4. You sign a contract and pay a 50% deposit.
  5. We'll complete your project, keeping you updated through Basecamp.
  6. You let us know if you'd like us to make any changes (you get up to two revisions of the project included in the fee).
  7. Once we've finished revisions and you're happy with your project, you pay the final 50%.
  8. We'll send you all of the finalised documents.

What you get

  • professionally trained, objective eyes on your writing
  • improved clarity by improving things like sentence structure and minimising wordiness
  • improved grammatical correctness (but not at the expense of your voice)
  • improved consistency in your writing
  • the style guide we use to edit, so you can use it later
  • a dedicated Basecamp project, if you choose that option
  • two revisions included in the quoted cost.



Starts from AUD$40. Submit an enquiry form for an individualised quote.

Popular client choice: Copyediting and document design package, starting from AUD$60 (25% package discount).