DIY editing package

The content you release into the world is a reflection on you and your brand.

What do you want your content to say about you?

Proofreading your own work is hard, particularly if you've never been trained in writing or editing (and even if you have!). Your eyes skip over misspelt words and you can't pick up style weaknesses because your style is so... well, you.

But professional editing can be expensive when you're writing a lot of content, and you want to be able to proofread your own work.

This is where your proofreading checklist comes in.

For more information about proofreading checklists, you can read this blog post.

A useful proofreading checklist contains elements of your writing that you need to watch when you're proofreading. Without that, the proofreading checklist isn't going to help as much as it should. If you'd like some help figuring out what to add to your checklist to make it worthwhile for you, I can go through your writing and compile a checklist for you.


  1. Submit an enquiry form (link below).
  2. I'll email you back within 24 hours to let you know that I've received your enquiry and when you can expect your proofreading checklist. I'll also email your invoice.
  3. I'll go through your writing samples carefully and compile your checklist, then email them to you. You can then ask any questions you need to.



  • a proofreading checklist personalised to the mistakes or weaknesses in your writing, based on the samples you provide (in the form of an online blog or other documents)
  • examples of where you've made those mistakes so you can better understand where they pop up and how to fix them
  • a Skype call so we can go through the checklist together, and you can ask about anything you need clarification on
  • the feedback of a professional editor without the price tag of professional editing.


AUD$120 (approx. USD$90). Submit an enquiry form to get started.