The easy-to-implement technique to grow your email subscribers 

Just about everyone working in the online space these days will be sick to death of hearing how important email subscribers are—but that’s because (I’m going to say it again!) they are such a vital part of growing your brand and your business. Your email list is a database of your most loyal, raving fans—and what makes this even better is that you can use that database to get in touch with these people! 

Agh. It’s so cool.

But the first step in building this fanbase is collecting your subscribers. And, these days, so many people are asking for email addresses that you need a really good reason for people to give you theirs. 

A lead magnet is the perfect way to get someone’s email address.

A lead magnet is an exchange between you and your new subscriber. They give you their email address, which you can then use to contact them; in exchange, you give them a useful resource. Pretty simple.

And lead magnets have so many other benefits!

Apart from just collecting email addresses (which is already a pretty huge benefit), offering a lead magnet also has loads of other upsides. 

When you give someone free, useful information, you’re showing generosity with your content, which builds trust and wins you some brownie points. 

Plus, when people see your free content, they’ll think, But… if they’re giving such great stuff away for free, what will they do for me when I pay them?

You also build trust if the content in your lead magnet is high quality (which it will be, of course). If someone’s thinking of hiring you or buying from you, nothing will make them more confident in your abilities than seeing your work—and that’s what a lead magnet shows them. They’ll get to know you better, making them more confident in you and your abilities.

How do you create a lead magnet?

Well, the first step is to figure out what your audience want—because there’s no point offering them something that’s not going to be useful for them, right? Think about what your ideal email subscriber needs in their life. 

For example, if your ideal email subscriber is a blogger, maybe they need a checklist of things to prepare before they publish a blog post.

If your ideal email subscriber is a teacher, maybe they need some cool printables that they can use to organise their lessons or their classroom.

You can make your lead magnet pretty much anything, as long as it’s useful enough for someone to give you their email address in order to get their hands on it. 

Some common types of lead magnets are:

  • ebooks
  • workbooks
  • guides
  • checklists
  • templates
  • courses (mini courses or short email courses).

But you can do whatever you think will work best. You can even make several different lead magnets.

Once you’ve created your lead magnet, flaunt it!

Here are some things you should do with your lead magnet:

  • Add it to your home page.
  • Add a ribbon at the top of your site to advertise it.
  • Add an image and link in your blog’s sidebar.
  • Create some attractive, on-brand images for it, for advertising, pinning, and sharing on social media.
  • Write a blog post (or several) on a similar topic to your lead magnet, so you can advertise the lead magnet at the end.
  • Email your existing subscribers to let them know that you’re offering a free resource.
  • Post about it in Facebook groups (if their rules allow promotions).  
  • Pin it! Share it! Tell everyone about it!

That’s it! Creating a lead magnet is a super actionable and easy-to-implement strategy that you can use to build your email subscribers and cultivate a high-quality fanbase.

Once you’ve started pulling in your email subscribers (which you will, after implementing a lead magnet), you’ll need to send them stuff. Need some ideas? Download my free set of templates for emails you can send to your subscribers. Just fill in the form below to get the templates. You'll be added to my email list, which means you'll have access to my resource library and I'll occasionally send you emails with updates and offers.

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