Lead magnets are one of the best ways to turn casual website or blog browsers into loyal fans and customers. 

But creating a lead magnet takes time and effort, and you're already busy enough in your business without having to take the time out to create a high-quality lead magnet. Or maybe creating lead magnets is just really not your forte, and you don't want to waste time doing something not in your area of expertise.

Plus, as well as creating the actual lead magnet, you need to create copy to advertise it, maybe even write a blog post to get the word out there. 

If you put all this on your to-do list, it will never get done, even though you know it should. It'll become one of those eternal to-do list items that you can never tick off.

This is where the lead magnet package comes in.

Let me create your lead magnet and all the copy around it. Let me take this one to-do list item off your hands so that you can focus on other stuff.

So, what do you get in the lead magnet package?

  1. A fabulous, well-designed, useful lead magnet of approximately three to five pages (length will depend on the content). Your lead magnet can be pretty much anything: a checklist, an ebook, a guide, a workbook—whatever.
  2. Landing page copy for your lead magnet, so you can appeal to potential downloaders.
  3. An accompanying blog post of approximately 600 to 800 words, because blog posts are the best way to encourage readers to download your lead magnet.
  4. Email copy for the email that will accompany your lead magnet when it's delivered to your new subscribers.

All you need to do is send me an enquiry, and we'll get started on creating your lead magnet.

Note: I'm providing the content, but if you're not confident in setting up a landing page, blog post, or delivery email for your lead magnet, you'll need to find someone who can help you, like a virtual assistant or your website person. I can recommend some wonderful people, if you need me to.

Need more info before enquiring?

Yeah. I get that. Well, maybe you'd like to see this package in action.

You can click the button below to go through the whole lead magnet process from start to finish, just like your customers will once you've got your lead magnet up and running. (You'll need to be ok with being added to my email list—otherwise I won't be able to send you your lead magnet example. You can unsubscribe right away, if you want to.)

You'll see a blog post, landing page, then receive an email with a lead magnet inside. These are all examples of what you can get if you purchase the lead magnet package, because your content will be tailored to you. 

Totally lost? What's a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is a resource you give away, usually in exchange for someone's email address, so you can add the downloader to your subscriber base and email them.


Once you've got the email address of a potential fan or customer, you can do lots of cool stuff. You can email them about your paid products or services—and you already know they're interested in what you do, because they downloaded your lead magnet. Depending on what email software you use, you can also tag them with their interests, so you can send them more targeted information, and you can see what they click on and whether they open your emails or not. 

Having someone's email address is really useful, and offering a lead magnet people can't say no to is a perfect way to collect email addresses.

Giving your potential customers something for free is also a great way to build trust with them. I don't think many people buy from the internet these days without first doing a bit of research on whom they're buying from—if you can offer someone a free product before they invest in your paid product, you're giving them a chance to get to know you and trust you.

Plus, being able to offer a free resource is a great way of pulling people towards you and your content—it's something you can advertise to bring people to your website.

Want to see a lead magnet in action? 

To answer some questions you may have...

How much does all this cost?
The regular price is just AUD$600 (approximately USD$457 at the moment).

How exactly does this work?
Send me an enquiry form, and I'll reply to you and let you know if I need any extra information before I get started, and send you an invoice (I require at least 50% paid before I start work, and the remainder on delivery of the first draft, or you can just pay 100% up-front to get it out of the way). Then I'll get started on your lead magnet! I'll send you a first draft, which you can either accept or give me feedback on. If you'd like any changes, I'll make those and send the completed content to you. You receive two free revisions included in the price of the package. If you'd like more revisions, they will incur an extra fee.

How quickly can I have my lead magnet?
If you're in a rush, let me know. But, generally, I'll have a draft to you within two weeks, and then you can give me your feedback, which I'll implement within a week.

Can you set up my landing page, blog post, and email for me?
No, sorry! I'm just the content girl. But I can recommend some great people who can do all that stuff for you.

Convinced that this is what you need? Have questions?

Well, what are you waiting for? Get in touch!