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You've written a book, but you want to keep writing instead of dealing with the editing and publishing process yourself. You're a writer—it makes sense for you to write, not to copyedit or deal with Amazon.

You want to create a book of such outstanding quality that your readers can't help but come back for more.

You need the manuscript to book package.



  1. Click the 'work with us' button below and submit an enquiry form.
  2. We'll email you back with our availability and any other questions we have within 24 hours.
  3. We'll set up a client portal for you through Basecamp.
  4. You sign a contract and pay a 50% deposit.
  5. We'll complete your project, keeping you updated through Basecamp.
  6. You let us know if you'd like us to make any changes (you get up to two revisions of the project included in the fee).
  7. Once we've finished revisions and you're happy with your project, you pay the final 50%.
  8. We'll send you all of the finalised documents.


  • affordable price, with an individualised quote based on the length of your manuscript and the amount of work required to turn it into a book
  • structural editing, including a detailed report and notes within the manuscript with suggestions on how to make the structure of your manuscript stronger
  • copyediting, to ensure that your manuscript is error-free and the writing is clear
  • book design and layout in InDesign, to create a beautiful document that will be a delight to read
  • proofreading, to ensure that no errors were introduced at the layout stage
  • formatting, so that you can sell your book in whatever format you like.


Starts from AUD$240. Submit an enquiry form for an individualised quote.