Working together on a monthly package means that we can focus more on your project and less on invoices.


What are the benefits of a monthly package?


You book time in with me in advance. That means I'll be prepared to work with you and you don't have to book in.


You only have to pay one invoice per month, instead of lots of little invoices—useful if you publish several blog posts per month and don't want to be invoiced separately for each one.


Think of it as like a bundle package—if you were to submit each project (for example, each blog post) as a separate project, it will cost more. Signing up to a monthly package takes out administration tasks for me and lets me know how much work we'll be doing together, so I can cut the cost a bit.


We share a Trello board for your project, which means fewer emails.



What happens when you sign up to a monthly package?

1. We work out how many hours you're likely to need and I send you a quote. (Monthly packages start at around AUD$80/month, but the quote will depend on what sort of work you need and how much you need.)

2. I send you an invoice and a contract, and once you've paid and signed, we get started!

3. I set up a Trello board and we use it to track work and conversations. We work together on your project.

4. After three weeks, I send you another invoice, and you can choose whether you want to continue the package for the next month.

Simple as that!


For an example of how I manage monthly packages, take a look at this blog post.