Our mission is to help you make your words the best they can possibly be. 

  • Want to make sure your business looks as professional as it possibly can to potential clients or readers? 
  • Tired of spending time on tweaking your copy and design when you could be spending that time doing what you do best?
  • Just need a little bit of help to make your business operate efficiently?

We can help with all that (and more). Here's a brief overview of what we do.

We edit documents at any stage of their production. We do copyediting, structural editing and reporting, and proofreading. Editing is our thing. We love to dig into writing and find areas that we can improve, and we can do that for your document.

A document’s design is almost as important as its content: clear, intelligent design ensures that a document is given the attention it deserves. Whether you need us to typeset your document or design its layout, we can make it more appealing to its audience.

To have the fullest effect online and in print, your brand needs to be consistent. We can help you to develop and manage that brand through brand design, website design, social media management, and marketing services.

You’re a writer, a producer of content, and that’s what you should focus on, not the dull decisions and details behind publishing your work. We can give you advice or just do it for you.