The free mini-course that steps you through easy ways to jazz up your writing by making deliberate choices in style and voice. 

You’re a passionate business owner or infopreneur. You need to...

hook your readers | keep them interested | develop a unique voice

But where do you start? You've never had formal writing training, and you feel a bit like you're floundering when it comes to putting amazing words down on the page.

Writing is hard, and sometimes it’s easy to slip into habits and patterns that don’t serve your needs and make your writing dull. 

Unboring Your Writing teaches you how to make more conscious decisions about your writing, and what techniques to implement to make your writing stand out.

Each lesson contains easy-to-digest information with an exercise at the end to make sure you understand the content and can implement it in your own writing.

Plus, for only $3, you can grab a printable and fillable PDF workbook that contains all the exercises (and the answers!). Take a look at it here.

What’s in the course? Here’s exactly what you’ll be seeing in your inbox:

First up: Welcome lesson
Lesson one: Repetition in your brand
Lesson two: Repetition in individual pieces
Lesson three: Passive and active voice
Lesson four: Sentence length
Lesson five: Contractions
Lesson six: Expletive constructions
Lesson seven: Person
Lesson eight: Questions
Lesson nine: Bringing it all together + a bonus (for making it through the course!)

Doesn't sound all that interesting, right? Expletive constructions and passive voice? This stuff may sound dull, but it's going to transform your writing.

How will all this information help you?

  • You’ll learn easy tweaks to make your writing more interesting for your readers, encouraging them to keep reading your content.
  • You’ll have a chance to implement these techniques in your writing.
  • You’ll develop a stronger voice, which is a key element in becoming a writer who attracts followers and fans.


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