Thank you so much for sticking with me through this mini-course. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it for you, and I hope you learnt a lot. To say thank you, I've included a link to a free resource at the end of this lesson.

If you enjoyed Unboring Your Writing, take a look at my writing and grammar workbook, Blog in Bloom. I wrote it specifically for bloggers and infopreneurs after analysing twenty blog posts and info-products to find out what you guys struggle with in your writing. The workbook is 110 pages long, available as a beautiful digital or print book, and will help you to:

  • feel more confident in your writing skills (vital if you're publishing content for an audience)
  • hook your readers and keep them engaged in your writing (necessary if you eventually want to sell to them)
  • improve your existing content (whether it's blog posts, info-products, or pretty much anything else) through actionable exercises
  • stand out from all the writers out there with bad grammar, weak style, and vanilla voice
  • enhance the quality of your writing and make it more professional (without boring you to death in the process)
  • continue developing your writing skills and knowledge of grammar.

I poured all my love and knowledge into this book so that it could help bloggers, infopreneurs, and small-biz owners just like you to find more success through their writing.

Find out more about Blog in Bloom here.

Making changes to how you write can be difficult, but I believe that the skills we covered in this course can help you to improve. Because I know, though, that improving means consistently sticking with it, I’ve created an Unboring Your Writing checklist that you can download to remind you of the things you’ve learnt in this course. I highly suggest printing it out and sticking it at your writing spot.

You can download the checklist here.

That’s it from me! If you have any questions or feedback, or just want to chat, feel free to email me.

See you again soon,